SuctionTack Clear

SuctionTack Clear is free of PVC, 100% recyclable and therefore environmental friendly. The base film is ultra-clear polyester. It is adhesive-free but sticks low-tack on glass and most other smooth surfaces. It will leave no residue after removing.


  • Window Decoration
  • Point of Sale
  • Protecting layer


  • Excellent durability
  • Good weather resistant (no curling)
  • Adhesive-free

Print Compatibility

UV-Curable / UV Offset


Easy to install & remove, save time & labor cost.


  • Not affected by the temperature / humidity changed
  • Low-tack based on MicroSuction technology
  • Removable without residue or ghosting
  • Can be refreshed and reused easily
  • PVC-Free

Basic installation instructions

  1. The surface need to be clean and free of dirt.
  2. For glass, varnished wood, metal, tiles, moisture the surface first before clinging.
  3. Peel off 20 cm (depending on the size of the graphic) from one side and continue peeling the whole liner off gently while installing.
  4. Carefully position the film so that it is properly aligned on all sides, then press the upper corners in place using light pressure.
  5. Working from the top of the graphic to the bottom, continue by peeling away more of the liner until the liner is completely removed and the graphic is in place.
  6. Use a damp cloth to remove air bubbles easily.

Physical Properties

Face film thickness : 115 μm (±7)
Basic weight : 155 g/m2 (±9)

Available widths × lengths

  • 1270 mm × 30 m
  • 500 mm × 700 mm
  • 700 mm × 1000 mm

Condition of use/storage

  • The graphics can be repositioned up to 10 times at least, but make sure the MicroSuction layer is always free of dirt. Once any dirt on it, please use an adhesive tape to stick the dirt to renew for reuse
  • Best storage temperature 10 °C to 22 °C
  • Best storage humidity relative to 50%
  • Service temperature -4 °C to + 90 °C
  • We recommend that you always keep this product in its original packaging when not in use.


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