Shielded EMI glass 9600

A new series of EMI shielded glass have been developed our EMI glass 9600 is float glass with a RF coated layer on one side.

The coating is suited for outdoor use and provides excellent shielding performance from 10 khz up to 40 Ghz. In addition the RF coating has good scratch resistant properties. Typical applications are medical and military LED / LCD monitors. Shielded cameras, sensors and displays.

Light transmission: 84%
Electrical resistance: 8-10 omh / sq
Temperature: -60 / +110 degree Celsius
EMI shielding effectiveness:  24 - 98 dB (10khz - 40Ghz)

Thickness available in 3, 4 and 6 mm


  • Excellent shielding
  • High transparency
  • Scratch resistant
  • Suited for outdoor use
  • Any shape / size available


  • Tempered ( to increase impact resistancy)
  • Anti glare
  • Grounding tape
  • Silver busbar
  • Laminated with high transparent mesh
  • With framing for shielded enclosures and MRI

Shielded EMI glass 9600

Shielded EMI glass 9600

Shielded EMI glass 9600

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Om een prijsaanvraag binnen 24 uur te krijgen voor Afgeschermd EMI-glas , vul het onderstaande formulier in

Width of the visible area in mm
Height of the visible area in mm
Select an option:
3 : 3 mm thick
4 : 4 mm thick
6 : 6 mm thick
Select an option:
C : Copper
TC : Tinned copper
S : Silver busbar
F : With aluminium frame
N : No contact edge
Specify the width of the contact edge in mm
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