RFID card shield

RFID has serious disadvantages such as risks to privacy and undetected fraud. All this can be done while you think you have stored your RFID card 'safe'. Theoretically, it is even possible to read a chip and / or edit it from 3 to 4 meters away.

Card details theft is rampant. This simple yet effective shielded RFID card jacket blocks the transmission of high frequency waves (13.56 MHz or UHF 860-960 MHz) used to read “smart” (contactless) RFID cards. Prevents unauthorized access to your RFID card information.

How it works

Hackers can now walk past you and steal your credit/debit card numbers without ever touching you or your wallet using inexpensive RFID scanners or a cell phone. This new crime is called "Crowd Hacking" and the RFID card shielding is an easy to use, high-tech defense against this crime.

The RFID card shield uses our E-Field shielding technology to make your information invisible to hackers without batteries or charging.


  • RFID card shielding slevees prevent electronic pick-pocketing
  • Protects your ID & credit card info
  • Protect your credit card number, expiration dates, birthdates, names, addresses, photos and much more
  • Sleeves block high-tech hijacking scanning equipment waves


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Example of the RFID card shielding for 1 card
Example of the RFID card shielding for 1 card
Example of the RFID card shielding for 2 cards
Example of the RFID card shielding for 2 cards


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