EMI Shielded sleeping bags

Light weight EMI shielding sleeping bag. Zipper running along the side.

The shielding sleeping bags are made of conductive textile, which gives a reliably protection against HF radiation, caused by cell phones, DECT-phones, Baby monitors, Wifi, TETRA, etc. The shielding sleeping bags offer a optimal protection for electro-sensitive people or if you feel uncomfortable under elevated radiation. Perfect for hotel beds, where RF/NF radiation is usually very high.

A study at the University of the German Federal Armed Forces in Neubiberg confirms that shielded sleeping bag shield up to 99 % of HF radiation. Even after washing 30 times, the shielding effect did not change.

We produce two variants of the EMI shielding sleeping bag.
A single layer shielded sleeping bag which contains a single layer of conductive textile on the outside and soft textile on the inside.
A double layer shielded sleeping bag which contains a double layer of conductive textile on the outside and soft textile on the inside.

Explaining reduction of radiation

When you are not familiair with reduction in dB's we explain it short for you here.

  • 40 dB is 100 times reduction of the corresponding signal/frequency
  • 60 dB is a reduction of 1000 times and so on

If you have further questions about reduction in dB's send us an email.

As an alternative to a sleeping bag we offer shielding tents (Faraday tents).

Personal protection - Shielded sleeping bag

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EMI shielding sleeping bag
EMI shielding sleeping bag


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